I studied mechanical engineering at ETH and MIT with a focus on dynamics and control. My fascination for intelligent dynamical systems led me to obtain a PhD in robotics at the Robotic Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. During my doctoral research I’ve spend 3 months at the Autonomous Systems Lab in Stanford.

I now work as a software engineer at NVIDIA, developing simulation technologies that are at the core of applications like digital twins, intelligent autonomous robots, and advanced computer graphics.

Dynamic Movements, Interaction, and Robotics

I am interested in understanding how physical systems behave, how they interact with their environment, and how to computationally solve related problems in simulation and control.

My research focuses primarily on generating motions for dynamic systems using optimal control and machine learning methods. I am particularly fascinated by the challenge of formulating physical behavior as mathematical problems to be able to simulate and control dynamical systems. Together with my colleagues at the Robotic Systems Lab, I have been developing advanced algorithms for legged locomotion in complex environments. Some videos of the quaduped ANYmal performing some cool moves are available online. Showcases of physical simulations in the context of computer graphics and robotics can be seen here.